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What are the Benefits of Painting your Prefab Home on your Own

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Painting Your Prefab Home

Painting prefab small homes by hand can seem like an out fashioned and daunting job, as there are many technologies available in home improvement these days to make paint jobs easy and comfortable. You can have real fast paint sprayers featuring automatic feeds that can make the painting job real fast and easy.

It is true that spray painting can help save much time, but there are many benefits to homeowners if they prefer to paint the home by hand. Some of the major benefits of painting prefab small homes by hand are discussed below.

Much Less Mess

It is true that the paint rollers are not an easy tool to use, but the high-pressure paint sprayers can lead to bigger mess, as these sprayers shoot paint much further. If you are using a roller and a paintbrush, you will need to apply the tapes and tarps on the immediate areas of painting and not much further.

In addition, paint can build up quickly in one area while using paint sprayers, resulting in paint flowing down. The over sprayed paint can also reach the gutters, nearby trees, parked vehicles, and things in its way making the paint job messy and uncontrollable.

Save Money

We know that we will need lot of paint while painting a home as even prefab small homes can use many gallons of paint. This can prove to be an expensive project depending on the type and brand of paint that you are using.

Using a paint sprayer to accomplish the job will offer an even coverage, but will lead to wastage of paint. Home improvement experts claim that paint sprayers shoot out lot of paint, which can lead to wastage of paint and money. Painting by hand, on the other hand, will help you have more control on paint usage.

Save Time

You may feel this point incorrect at first, as the whole point of using a sprayer is to finish the job fast. This is the reason professionals use paint sprayers in industrial and commercial settings. However, hand painting is the best option to paint prefab small homes, as even after painting with the sprayer, you will need to follow the sprayer with a paintbrush to get the smooth and seamless coverage that you are looking to have.

This will actually slow down the painting process. Therefore, the best idea would be to use a sprayer to do the first coat and the second coat with a brush hand painting.