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Top 3 Inclusions that Add More Value to your Modular Home

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Increase Value of Prefab Small Homes

Most of the modular home builders makes sure that all the necessary standard inclusions are made on the structure when building prefab small homes. This will ensure that you don’t have to do any other inclusions to the house after moving it to the building site. However, many modular homeowners want to take their home to the next level and they like to make their home a lot more unique and attractive. If you are such a person, then adding a few optional extras to your modular home might help you do so.

Some of the modular home upgrades such as sustainability features, outdoor living spaces, and carports or garages allow you to significantly improve your lifestyle. Most of these upgrades are affordable and they also help you to make your modular home a lot more attractive and unique. Below are the top three inclusions that will add more value to your new modular home.

Outdoor Living

Having an elegant place to enjoy the outdoors of the modular home is of significant importance to many families. Adding a veranda, alfresco area, or a deck on your modular home brings the perfect setting to enjoy your outdoors. However, remember that the type of outdoor space that you are planning to design depends on a number of factors such as the climatic condition, the size of your family, and area of the land. So, consult with your home builder and ask them to incorporate your suggestions while building the outdoor space.


If you are building a modular home, then you have a number of options that allow you to significantly boost the resale value of your house. Make sure to incorporate a few sustainability features such as upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows, as it will help you to cut down the heating and cooling costs. You could also include solar hot water systems on the modular home. As they work by harnessing the energy from the radiations of the sun, you can have a self-sufficient home too.

Carports and Garages

Adding a covered area for your vehicles such as a garage or a carport is an excellent way to boost the value of your home. In addition to that, including a carport or garage in your new modular home construction will ensure that they match with your house perfectly. You also have the option just to attach the garage or carport to your home or set it anywhere in your property as you prefer.