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The Benefits of Metal Roofs for Modular Homes

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Roofing has remained one of the most important factors to consider while building a modular home. It is crucial in selecting the right kind of roofing for your modular home, as it will significantly add to the looks and living experience offered. There are many kinds of roofing options available for modular homes like shingles, clay tiles, slate, etc.

Metal roofs are another excellent roofing option to consider for modular homes. They offer many advantages over the other commonly used roofing materials. The many benefits of using metal roofing in modular homes are described below.


Durability is one of the major advantages of metal roofs. Due to this, they are widely popular in areas where there is heavy snowfall because of their tough nature and because they can shed ice and snow more effectively than asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs are highly resistant to many defects like cracking, shrinking, and eroding. They can endure extreme weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, and wildfires. In addition, metal roofs come with an average of 30 to 50 year manufacturer warranty, which means that it will last more than other roofing options.

Energy Efficient

It is indeed a surprising aspect that metal roofs have the best energy efficient feature when compared with other roofing materials. Selecting lighter or darker colored metal roofs will significantly lower the energy costs involved in operating the house. This is because they reflect heat during summer that minimizes the cooling loads while aiding in heat retention during times of winter.

The latest metal roofs have a unique reflective pigment technology that will assist the homeowner in considerably lowering the utility bills and enhance the overall energy efficiency of the home.


Metals roofs are the best eco-friendly roofing option to consider when building a green modular home. They are built from about 30 to 60 percent of recycled material. In addition, they can be replaced after many years of usage and still recycle the materials from them

On the other hand, roofing options such as asphalt generate huge amounts of waste that are harmful to the environment. Metal roofs can also be installed over existing roofs, which will remove the costs involved in disposing of them.


In addition to all the said benefits, metal roofs also help in enhancing the look of small prefab homes. Metal roofs are available in many stunning color options and design features a well.