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General Checklist to Consider Before Buying Prefab Homes

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Buying Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homes are the new trend in housing with many buyers opting them over traditional site-built homes. Their numerous benefits like low cost, better quality, and faster construction have led to its increasing favor among potential buyers. The process of buying is also relatively simple, with selecting the required option provided by the builder as well as the necessary financial requirements.

However, the process of buying does not end after formally agreeing with the manufacturer. Instead, there are many other things to consider before actually signing up for buying the prefab home. Given below is a general checklist detailing the important things to consider before buying a prefab home.


Insurance is critical while buying a new prefab home. The insurance coverage should be extended to the entire home before it is transported to the location site. Get a copy of the insurance policy and be well versed with the coverage terms related to it. Several manufacturers provide cover to the materials up to the site delivery and make sure that it is correct.

In addition, make sure to insure the materials on the site against any possible scenario of theft and damage. Make certain that the property details are added to the all-risk insurance policy of the site. When doing the work yourself, it is necessary to arrange for the suitable insurance.

Investment Protection

Before the delivery of the prefab home, make sure to allocate a proper place that provides adequate protection from the elements and damage. A raised storage area should be preferred and cover the building materials with a tarpaulin or any plastic covers to aid in protecting them from any adverse weather.

Loading Requirements

While the building materials arrive at the site, it is your responsibility in ensuring careful unloading. Check with the manufacturer regarding the delivery options like the need for a forklift and crane, or see if the delivery personnel provide unloading features. When unloading, position the materials in such a way that they are nearer where they are used.

Gathering Inventory

Make sure that the manufacturer will guarantee that the materials are delivered at the scheduled time. Most of the suppliers will send a company representative for checking the components delivered. If that is not available, rely on the services of an experienced person in making a checklist. This checklist will assist you in any future reference especially in the event of a theft.