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Prefabricated Homes vs Conventional Construction

Building an elegant and comfortable home for you and your family members to live in is one of the most important decisions for every person. If you happen to be a perspective homebuyer, then you will certainly need to know the difference between small prefab homes and conventional site-built homes. Knowing the differences between these two housing structures will help you to reach a conclusion on which housing option suits you the best. So, here are a few differences between both these housing structures, which every homebuyer should know.


Almost all conventional site-built homes are directly built piece by piece on a permanent land. These structures cannot be moved from one location to another, which means that the house owners will have to live their entire life at the same location.

On the other hand, the construction of small prefab homes happens within a factory. The finished segments are then transported to the homeowner’s lot. If you are a prefab homeowner, then you will be able to transport your home from one location to another.


The foundations of conventional site-built homes are actually built from the holes in the ground with atop piers, concrete slabs, and pilings, which create crawlspaces. The foundations of most site-built homes are strong and they are less prone to damages.

On the other hand, almost all prefab housing structures are built atop permanent foundations. These structures are then strapped and anchored to the property and it may result in temporary affixations to the foundation of your prefab homes.

Speed and Quality

The construction process of conventional site-built homes will be performed by skilled construction workers or craftsmen. On the other hand, the construction process of prefab homes actually happens within a factory like setting and the prefab homebuilders often uses machines. However, many tests and studies have revealed that the construction quality of prefab homes is far superior to that of site-built homes.

Besides, the construction process is very fast and it takes only about half the time required to build a conventional home. This is because the construction of prefab homes is not affected by adverse weather conditions and other natural events such as extreme cold, extreme heat, or storms. So, if you are looking to build a quality home at an affordable budget, then you should certainly build a prefab home.