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Common Dormer Options for Small Prefab Homes

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Prefab Home Dormer Options

Dormers are a major exterior design option in modular homes. The addition of dormers can lend a distinctive character and appearance to small prefab homes. Due to this, they are the most sought over exterior additions by homeowners, while building a new home or remodeling the current one. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, dormers have other advantages like allowing natural light into the home. This will help to reduce energy usage throughout the home.

Many modular home manufacturers offer many dormer options for adding in small prefab homes. The following are some of the common dormer options available for modular homes.

Gable Dormer

Also called A-dormers, Gable dormers are the most popular option. The addition of Gable dormer offer added space to the interiors while also enhances the overall character of the home. They are commonly available in small and large sizes with added options of one or many windows. Gable dormers also offer shutters, circle top windows, and decorative moldings.

Panelized Full Shed Dormer

Panelized full shed dormer allows for the addition of spaces like full headroom. When considering a second-story floor plan it is better to purchase panelized dormer packages right from the modular home manufacturer. In addition, having a second-story floor plan is crucial to accurately determine the location of the windows on the home.

Modular Full Shed Dormer

Ordering additional module for the second-story back section is an excellent way to quickly finish the addition task. Moreover, the addition of the module requires finishing from a general contractor. This is important, as the underside spaces of the sloped ceiling are usually incomplete. The height of the second-story module floor increase by eight to twelve inches due to the added height of the extra module floor.

Bathroom Shed Dormer

Building a shed dormer the size of the bathroom space in the home is another intelligent and effective way to add a dormer. A gable dormer may be used with the shed dormer and is used when planning to make a bathroom at the top of the stairs. Adding the gable dormer will add up to the overall headroom inside the bathroom.

Saltbox Dormer

Shed dormers are excellent additions to include on the front portion of prefab tiny homes to give an artificial saltbox look. This can be achieved either by using an additional modular or a panelized dormer.