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Common Ceiling Panel Options Available for Small Prefab Homes

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Common Ceiling Panel Options

Prefabricated housing is known for its many unique benefits unlike site-built homes such as affordability, energy efficiency, and comfort. Carrying out periodic maintenance is vital in prolonging the benefits offered by the home. The maintenance works are more focused on a specific part of the home such as the ceiling.

Ceiling upgrades are very common and must be done at specific intervals for ensuring the structural reliability of the home. For this purpose, there are several ceiling panel options that are available for small prefab homes.

The ceiling panels that are available in the market are commonly made of ceiling tiles, gypsum, or fiberboard. These materials are the most commonly used in prefab small homes and differ in their pricing, installation, availability, etc. Described below are some of the common ceiling panel options available for small prefab homes.

Fiberboard Ceiling Panels

Fiberboard is the most sought over material employed in the ceilings in the construction of the home. The size of this material varies according to different home manufacturers. It can often get difficult to find the replacement for the ceiling as some of the manufacturers utilize large sized panels while manufacturing.

Fiberboard pieces are commonly available in the market today and come in several variants such as the SBI Micore300 Mineral Fiberboard. It consists of four-panel boards and has dimensions that measure 48 x 24 x 0.5 inches. These units have improved flexibility and durability since it utilizes mineral fiber construction.

Gypsum Board

Gypsum board also known as wallboard, drywall or sheetrock remains another most used ceiling panels in small prefab homes. It is made from gypsum material that is enclosed in a synthetic paper finish on either side. Gypsum boards offer several advantages such as easy installation, reliability, and excellent durability. Moreover, gypsum boards are far easier to maintain and conduct repairs and are therefore used by many modular home manufacturers. These ceiling panels also use noncombustible materials in their construction that lends excellent fire resistant properties to the material.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles is yet another commonly used ceiling panels in small prefab homes. It is available in different sizes of about 16 x 4 inches in length and width. Ceiling tiles are often difficult in finding the exact replacement in case if anything is broken. Moreover, installing ceiling tiles is also quite difficult, so should be properly researched beforehand when purchasing them.