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5 Ways to Keep your Home Cool Without an AC

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Keeping Home Cool

Several people who own small prefab homes, especially seniors, prefer not to install an air conditioning system at their home. One of the major disadvantages of not having an air conditioner in your prefab home is that you will have to position yourself right under a fan during the warmer months of the year.

Most of the modular home manufacturers in the US advise their customers to invest in a good air conditioning system, as it will certainly come in handy in the future. However, if you are planning not to install an air conditioning system in small prefab homes, then below are a few simple yet efficient tips that will keep your prefab home cool even without an AC.

Keep your Blinds Closed

Studies conducted in the housing industry show that approximately 30 percent of the unwanted heat in your home comes from the windows, curtains, and the utilizing shades. This means that keeping your blinds closed will help you lower the indoor temperature of your home to about 20 degrees. In addition to that, it will also help you to cut down your heating and cooling costs.

Get Smart about your Doors

Keeping the doors closed during the hottest part of the day will help you to prevent the entry of hot air in the rooms and kitchen of your prefabricated home. Likewise, opening the doors of your room during cooler night hours will increase the flow of cool air to your home.

Make the Most of your Fan

If you are finding it much harder to survive the hotter winter days, then fill a mixing bowl with an ice pack or ice cubes and position the bottle at a 45° angle right in front of a large fan. The air from the fan will whip off with the ice in the bowl to give and gives a faux sea breeze.

Swap your Sheets

Seasonally replacing or swapping the bedding sheets will not only offer a fresh look to your home but it is also an excellent way to keep small prefab homes cool. Switch to cotton bed sheets rather than other types of bed sheets, as cotton stays cooler for a longer period of time.

Ditch the Incandescent Lights

If you want to survive the warmer months of the year, then you will have to replace the incandescent lights in your home with compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs. Incandescent lights waste approximately 90 percent of its energy as heat. So, ditch them and switch to CFL or LED lighting instead.