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Essential Maintenance Tools for Prefab Homeowners

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Essential Maintenance Tools

Small prefab homes and other factory-built homes usually require good maintenance. Regular inspection and Proper maintenance of prefab small homes will benefit the homeowner in a number of ways. For instance, it will always make the home look fresh and attractive, which significantly increases the chance of acquiring a better deal when the homeowner is selling the house.

However, you will certainly need a few tools to complete basic upgrades and repairs to your prefabricated home, which is the major reason why most homeowners keep a tape measure, hammer, and screwdriver in their home. Below are a few essential tools that every prefab homeowner needs for maintenance purposes.


You should properly organize your tools and keep them together in a specific location, as it will help you to find the tools easily. This is the reason why you should invest in a toolbox even if you have only 5 or 10 tools with you. Getting a toolbox with a rubber seal around the lid will keep your tools dry.

18-Volt Cordless Drill

If you are planning to buy only a single power tool for your home maintenance purposes, settle for an 18-volt cordless drill instead of looking for other tools. Make sure to buy a model with two batteries, as it will enable the drill to work continuously.

Tape Measure

Having a long tape measure will certainly come in handy in many situations. For instance, it enables you to measure large spans even without a helper. Look for a good quality tape from a reputed brand and make sure whether it can be extended up to at least 10 to 13 feet before collapsing or not.


A 16-ounce claw-style hammer usually works for every homeowner and it is the perfect choice for driving small nails, hanging pictures, and assembling things. However, it is significant to note that you will need a 20- to 24-ounce framing hammer with sharp and straight claws for building a backyard shed, dock, or deck.

Utility Knife

You will not have to look for anything fancy or stylish when you are buying a utility knife but ensure that it is strong and easy to reload. If you are planning to use the utility knife for heavy home maintenance tasks, it is best to buy a knife with stronger blades.