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Why Use Rigid Metal Roofs on your Prefab Tiny House

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Prefab Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are not only appealing on a prefab tiny house but also add substance to a larger modular home structure. Metal roofs usually hit the stores in an array of colors as well as a design that compliments all the prefab styles be it colonial-style, raised-ranch home, or any other. Traditional metal roofs have a vertical seam with slopes, but nowadays, they are available in flats and feature shingles too. Below are some benefits of using metal roofs on top of your structure.

Metal Roofs are Rust-Free and Durable

It might be a good idea laying a metallic coating on your roof, be it zinc only or a combination of zinc and aluminum. Such metal coating and paint bonderize the prefabricated steel roof at a factory thereby preventing rust on top. Bonderize is a term usually popular among the Brits, and they are also used in reference to the sidewalls of a prefab tiny house. It is the roof that carries the weight of sidewalls to the frame, so coated roofs would give a durable appeal which the homeowner’s desire.

Environmentally Safe Metal

Those rigid roofs made of 30 to 60 percent recycled materials are better than asphalt shingles featuring in most of the traditional homes. What’s more, if you need to replace the metal roof after, say, twenty years down the line, you can do that by recycling your old roof. In fact, a statistics provided by Northeast Recycling Council in Vermont indicate that approx. 11 million tons of asphalt shingle waste is deposed to the landfill in America yearly. Apparently, metal roofs are safe for the environment.

Protects Home from Lightning and Wind Gusts

If your prefab tiny house were struck by lightning, the metal roof would disperse the energy throughout the modular home structure. Lightning and thunderstorms are not in your control, but installing a metal roof one is. The metal roof is not inflammable and most models can withstand wind gusts of 140 to 150 miles per hour winds.

Note that proper roofing is one of the key regulations proposed by HUD in high wind zones, so make it a point to put a metal roof at home. It would be even better if you get one having a yearlong warranty, which is a given thing atop your prefab tiny house.