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Why Plastic HVAC Vents are Good for a Prefab Tiny House

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Plastic HVAC Vents

When it comes to the selection of HVAC vents for small prefab homes, you might be comparing the options in metal and plastic. So, which material will be the better choice for prefab homes HVAC vents? Let us see why experts say that using plastic vents will be beneficial for a prefab tiny house.

Weather Resistance

Vent covers used outdoor should stand up to changes in weather. Plastic vent covers that are available these days are made from modern plastic resins such as polypropylene. These resins can be manufactured with additives to offer protection from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sunlight. This can help prevent break down of the vents from exposure to sunlight.


Plastic does not vent easily when compared to metal. This means that plastic roof vents and wall caps will resist heavy snow and hail better than the metal ones. Moreover, these vents are corrosion free and are safe to be used in wet environments where even the galvanized metal vents will rust. Outdoor plastic HVAC vents available these days are much durable and can last up to thirty years in a prefab tiny house.

Sealed Building Envelope

As plastic vents weigh much less than the metal vents, it will be cost effective to use oversized flanges and base models to offer a reliable seal with the vital elements like rain screens. In addition, it is very easy to mold plastic as a single piece without any joints or seams and can be an effective way to avoid water ingress.


The vent hoods and caps that you buy may have to be altered to fit to an unusual location or to make them more beautiful. Plastic is a great option in such situations as it can be cut and shaped easily. This versatility of plastic makes it an ideal option to use in areas where metal would not offer the perfection and elegance.


HVAC component manufacturers say that it is easy and inexpensive to manufacture plastic vents when compared to the metal ones. In addition, as the plastic vents are lightweight, it is easy to transport and install these vents in a prefab tiny house. These benefits of plastic vents can lead to significant savings to the end user, that is, the homeowner.


Plastic vent caps and jacks are offered in many colors to match the décor of your prefab tiny house. As the color dye additive is an integral part of the piece in plastic vents, scratches and wear will not be much apparent as the painted surfaces. This will help limit the requirement for maintenance in the long run.