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Where Barn Wood Doors are Slid into Positions on a Prefab Home

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Barn wood doors with rollers are slowly emerging in prefab housing. What’s more, homeowners can also beef up the barn wood doors in prefab small homes on their own these days.

Experts say barn wood frames are heavy. Regardless, barn wood doors offer alternates to a traditional garage door today, even though they are expensive. Below are things to note while you slide a barn wood door into positions on your own somewhere in prefab small homes.

Framing the Door

First, affix the door tracker to the header to slide the door into positions by self. Headers may range up to 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 in terms of size and that would suffice to mount the header to door tracker. These preparations are relatively easier if you are installing new doors in new prefab small homes, as the door framing could be done prior to installation. In home remodeling, however, one would have to drive openings on the wall to beef up the barn wood door in hallways.

Sliding the Door

You would have to contact an electrician to gauge whether there are any wires behind the wall, if switches are not noticeable on the wall. Moreover, try to figure out where to place the barn wood door in hallways – most people tend to place large-sized roller doors right in the middle of a hallway, but you are free to think differently. Nevertheless, make sure that you have sufficient room once barn wood door is leveled, and that the slide works perfectly.

Explaining the View

Hallways usually have two barn doors placed side by side, whereas garages may only have one barn wood door. Further, the barn wood doors leave a small gap at the top, which is viewable enough for a person standing on either side.

The barn wood door can be 6 feet x 8 inches wide and 7 inches high with a 1-inch gap below and 3 inches trim below the glass pane. Use the socket wrench to tighten the barn wood door, and install bottom roller guides to make the barn wood slide properly.

Remember, experts in prefab housing suggest that homeowners should place barn wood doors only in open places and not in private rooms such as bathrooms or a bedroom.