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The Nordic Way of Life in Small Prefab Homes

Prefab Tiny House
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Prefab tiny house set in remote locations defies the conventional way of life. The imaginary Hogwarts University had resemblance with some of the designs given here, with due nods to fiction.

Cabin in Massachusetts

This is a getaway cabin inside a vast garden, having a pointed roof and viewable windowsills. Massachusetts has one such facility with cabins mainly for couples. You may even get tempted to elope with your lover and live a fairytale life happily ever after, seeing these beautiful cabins.

The Nordic Way of Life

The Swedish tiny house is open for living as a guesthouse. Known today as the Guest Cabin, this prefabricated tiny house was conceived way back in 1912 with an ode to the Nordic regions. Surely, the homesteaders settled in Montana knew how to source wood, being a part of agriculture and having led a self-sufficient life.

Prefab House with Decouple Parts

One of the Dutch companies came up with a prefab tiny house made of wood. The specialties of the house are the patio doors and the garden landscape that is self-sufficient. A room portion is equipped with a kitchen along with the living units, making it easier to decouple the home.

The Narrowest House in Brazil

This Brazilian prefab house is barely 10 meters tall. Word has it that the owner cum designer, Helenita had to win over the occupancy certificate from the local authorities prior to the construction. Very rarely does someone dare build small prefab homes on their own, and when that happened people wanted selfies with what is billed as the narrowest house in the world.

The Strathmore Crib

The crib lookalike prefab tiny house was conceived by architects in Botswana. As per the homeowner’s request, the architects included rainwater-harvesting system with sewage and solar panels to make living somewhat idyllic. Sure, the 250 meters living unit in the Strathmore forests is open for rodents, but the pristine beauty is a treat for the occupants.

There are other small prefab homes concepts available too, although their application may seem inaccessible for some. Take, for instance, the concept of the house entwined by the tree and its branches (Wisconsin). Such concepts are a myth if not the idea of living in small prefab homes which remains to be self-sufficient.