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Size Limits Of Modular Home Construction

We all know that prefab tiny homes are constructed in factories and then transported to the building site as modules, which are joined together at the site to make the home. However, as these modules need to be transported to the site, they face some limitations on size. Most of these limitations are based on state and federal highway regulations that the modules of your home will travel on. Yet this does not mean that there are limitations on the size of the modular home that you are building. These limitations and regulations are for the modules of the home only, and the home has no size limitations.

The size limits and regulations for the modules of the prefab tiny homes are discussed below and it is important to know these regulations well, as every extra module will add cost and time to your modular home building project.

Module Length

The length of the module will be limited by the turns on the route to your home building site. Experienced transporters will be able to handle modules that are up to sixty feet long, but it will be impossible to turn a flatbed truck that is loaded with modules that are eighty foot long. So, it is important to find and fix the maximum length of the modules allowed in order to prevent issues in transportation.

Module Height

The maximum height of the module will be mostly dictated by highway overpasses. Usually, the interstate highway overpasses will have fourteen-foot clearance and the modules of the home will have to travel under the 14 feet overpass while sitting on the platform of the truck. To ensure that the modules of your home pass through these overpasses, the modules should not go beyond the production height of 11 feet. Still, you can have a home with 10 feet ceiling height, as the modular home manufacturer will make roofs with hinges that allow for flat transportation.

Module Width

Usually, the width of the modules will range between ten to fifteen feet and will depend on the condition of the roadway to the site and variance allowed by the state transportation board. Prefab small homes manufacturers make use of production jigs to quickly layout the frame and make sure that the alignment and spacing are proper. Note that if you needed a different width that the manufacturer does not usually offer, you may face extra costs.