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We all know that increase in the housing demands has led to the increase in land prices over the past few decades. People with a limited budget is now unable to buy a house and many of them are renting homes instead. Another notable change is the attraction of people towards the prefabricated houses, as they are economical, and also bring in many advantages like ultra fast production and mobility.

Prefab homes are available in three kinds: steel prefab, concrete prefab, and wood prefab homes. Let us compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of construction used in manufacturing prefab tiny house, based on various criteria.


We all know that concrete is durable and can last for many years without any major maintenance. Concrete prefab homes that were manufactured before fifty years are still standing tall, and one classic example is the prefab boxes that were made in 1987 by Mega prefab for the Lebanese Army. These prefab boxes are still being used by the Lebanese army.

Concrete prefab homes are resistant to natural calamities like earthquake and hurricane. On the other hand, steel prefab homes need timely maintenance, else steel will start to corrode when it comes in contact with moisture and oxygen.

Wooden prefab homes are the ones that need more maintenance than concrete and steel prefab homes, as wood is susceptible to rotting and decay due to moisture. There is also the problem of termites and other organisms destroying the wooden structures. Wooden prefab homes need timely painting and maintenance and these homes offer little or no protection against hurricanes and earthquakes.


Concrete prefab homes are extremely mobile, but the biggest problem with transportation is the weight of the modules. These homes are very stiff and robust and can be transported to other locations without any damage to the structure.

Wooden and steel prefab homes are lighter than the concrete ones, but removing and transporting these houses more than once may deteriorate the house, as the frame structure of the house may become weakened while transporting.


We all know that it is very difficult to break into a house that is made of concrete, when compared to a house that is made of wood or steel panels. We just need a hacksaw or a steel blade saw to cut a hole into a house that is made from steel or wood.