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Cleaning Tips for your Newly-Built Modular Home

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Tips For Cleaning New Modular Home

After the completion of your modular home, you might be eager to move into the new home and set things up. You may have set a plan for buying appliances, furniture, and other things for your home. However, there are other things to consider before moving into your new prefab tiny house.

Cleaning is the most important and crucial task to do before moving into your newly built house. In fact, it is an excellent way to clear up the all the mess and debris collected in the home because of the construction, furnishing, and other works.

The cleaning tasks involved in newly built modular homes require effective planning. It needs to cover both the interior and exterior of the house and must be done is an orderly manner. This ensures that all the wastes and unnecessary leftovers from the construction process are thoroughly cleaned from every part of the home.

Given below are some important tips in cleaning your newly built modular home.

Modular Home Dust

Modular home dust accumulates heavily in the interiors of the home after its construction. However, the cleaning up process is entirely dependent on the current stage of your modular home construction.

Before sweeping out the dust, it is necessary to clean up the larger debris lying around first. Handpick the large pieces of wood, nails, etc., and collect it safely among the other wastes. After that, sweep away the dust carefully, beginning from a corner and gradually covering all the portions.

Wall Cleaning

Cleaning the walls is done in a top to down manner is important. Wipe the walls first at the top and corner positions, and then gradually work down. After wiping the entire wall in the manner described above, it is recommended to vacuum all the dust and other debris collected on the floor beneath the walls.

When cleaning other surfaces like wood, use a good oil soap to properly clean the surface. This ensures that all the dry dust accumulated in such surfaces gets thoroughly cleaned.

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the duct-work is essential in a newly completed modular home, as it ensures that the dust is not being re-circulated inside the house. Dust can accumulate inside ducts during the construction process, which can affect the flow of air, thereby resulting in decreased air quality.

The floors remain the final areas that require a thorough cleaning. Vacuum cleaning is effective to clear out the dust, and after that, a good sweeping and mopping the floor will give a fresh look to your home.