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Benefits of TPO Roofing in Prefab Tiny House

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A variety of roofing options is available for prefab homes roofing. If you are planning to install a roofing membrane to improve the energy efficiency of your prefab tiny house, you may consider TPO (thermoplastic olefin) roofing. TPO is new in prefab homes roofing and researches are still continuing to find long lasting and most durable product formulation. The major benefits of using TPO roofing in prefab housing are discussed below.


Modular home roofing experts say that when compared with the other thermoplastic membranes used for roofing, TOP is much resistant to the growth of mold, accumulation of dirt and debris, punctures, impacts, and tears. TPO membranes are manufactured to be flexible and can easily allow for the settling or movement of the home. There are also reinforced TPO materials available which can handle the thermal expansion and contraction of the home very effectively that the other single ply roofing products that are available in the market.

Fits Different Home Styles

Many of the mobile and modular homeowners equally appreciate the fact that TPO roofing offers great looks to their homes. TPO roofing can be visually appealing on different home styles as it is available in colors like light gray, white or black to suit the look and color of the home. In addition, all TPO membranes will be coated with a reflective coating to decrease heating. This means that the modular homeowners need not go for the white roofing options to enjoy reflective properties and saving on energy. Use of the latest technologies in TPO membrane manufacture enables them to be UV resistant and helps to keep the interior of the home cool.


This is yet another factor that makes the TPO roofing attractive to both commercial and residential users. TPO roofing offers the same benefits as the PVC roofing, like improved energy efficiency and hot air joinable seams, but at much lower costs. In addition, the seams of TPO roofing are really strong and has much stronger gluing than those of PVC roofing.

Ease of Installation

Generally, TPO membranes are made with wider sheets to offer more coverage and are lightweight, meaning that it will be easy to install TPO membranes and will have less number of seams. Decreased time and work associated with the installation of TPO membranes will directly translate into savings for you.