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4 Steps for Preparing a Prefab Home Building Site

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If you are planning to build a small prefab home, then you will have to note the fact that approximately 90 percent of the construction process will be happening in a climate-controlled factory. This means that the homeowner will have less or no control over what is happening inside the factory.

Many homeowners decide to wait and relax until the manufacturer delivers the newly built home to their building site, but that is actually a bad idea. Instead of waiting, you should focus on preparing the building site and ensure that it meets all the necessary laws and regulations to install prefab tiny homes. Follow these 4 site preparation steps to do the job efficiently.

Mark the Boundaries

Hire a surveyor and clearly mark the boundaries of your prefab tiny house building site with flags. This will help your contractors and employees to know where they can work and where they cannot. You will also need portable toilets on your building site. So, pick a place for them and get to work.

Clearing and Leveling

The first and most important thing to do after deciding to build prefab tiny homes is to level and clear the building site in order to dig the foundation. Doing this work on your own may help you save money and time, but it is always wiser to hire a local contractor to do the job for better results.

Pouring the Foundation

After clearing and leveling the construction site, you should ask your local contractor to dig a hole for the foundation of the house. They will also pour concrete into the hole during this step. This is actually a point of no return since the changes you make after this step will be extremely expensive and time consuming. So, make sure to thoroughly inspect the process and ensure that it is done efficiently.

Prep for Delivery

It is safe to say that approximately 90 percent of your building site preparation is already completed. However, the final step is to prepare the site for the delivery of your prefab home. You will have to find a place in your property for unloading and staging the modules of the newly built home when it arrives at your location. You can consult with your local contractor to find the right spot to unload the modules.